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Satellite Campus

As of 2022, Fresh Manna Ministries a College Campus. We are now offering a bachelor degree in bible studies. However, we are only available to members only; however, starting in 2023 we will be open to all and offering more degrees for biblical. 


Fresh Manna Ministries offer help to those in need. We offer marriage counseling, and counseling based on the need of the people


Fresh Manna Ministries is proud to shepherd by two ordained ministers, Apostle Oliver Leaks and Pastor Deidre Leaks. 


God has blessed Fresh Manna Ministries with two beautiful buildings. Our main building is used ever week for services. We have another building, Fellowship Hall, is used for events and ceremonies.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

Please note that prices may vary based the building and event. God Bless!!

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